Having great content is only part of a successful outcome, you need to have a planned distribution strategy to ensure you connect with your target audience.

Rippling specialise in content advertising, whether you want to promote your video ads across thousands of websites (via our programmatic platform) or YouTube and Facebook, we have the expertise to manage your campaign.

We also specialise in programmatic display (banner) advertising and have access to thousands of global publishers through our platforms.

We find a balance between video and display will deliver the best campaign results and thanks to programmatic advertising, you can now easily target your desired audience, and cost effectively. Clients have different outcomes and needs with content marketing, video content or campaigns, and it is our job to advise on how to best connect, plan and execute.

The exponential growth in programmatic advertising has brought more publishers on board and thus opened the door to a more targeted reach. In addition, it is now more cost effective and delivers a higher click through rate than traditional industry benchmarks.

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