A live webcast is where live video is delivered over the internet to a collection of streaming media servers and redistributed, allowing individuals to view the broadcast via a website, anywhere in the world.

Unlike normal video productions, this content is delivered straight to your viewers on a web page, Facebook page or to YouTube channel. These days, more and more organisations are starting to get onboard with this rising trend, no longer does your guest list have to be restricted to people in your area, now it’s possible to invite customers, clients and colleagues from all corners of the globe to take part in your event.

Live event streaming isn’t just limited to entertainment and sporting events, we have seen a huge trend with industries, brands and niches; leveraging live streaming to their fans, customers and colleagues.

These days, book talks, ballet and opera are now being broadcast from theatres. In fact, managers have even stated that these events are some of the most consistently lucrative for them.

Why use a webcast?

  • An easy affordable way to reach an amazingly broad and diverse audience, from 20 to several thousand participants
  • Avoid the expense of travel and accommodation, you pay a fraction of the cost of in-person meetings or seminars
  • Provide immediate feedback, during the webcast, you can ask for comments and questions or conduct an instant survey
  • Drive action from your audience, such as sending participants to your web site.

There are many ways to utilise live streaming, have a chat with us today to find out more.

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