The growth of programmatic buying has shaken up the advertising industry, making it possible for boutique agencies to compete with large media buying agencies. It’s also opened up opportunities for businesses and brands with smaller advertising budgets to get in on the action.

The growth in advertising has been globally exponential and with 7 billion phones in the world, it offers the ultimate opportunity for connection. We have become accustomed to viewing 15 and 30 second pre rolls prior to watching content on our preferred websites or YouTube videos as well as banner ads on our favourite sites.

Rippling uses several platforms, which can access tens of thousands of local or global websites and YouTube content. 

You may have heard of programmatic buying and that simply means that software is used to buy the inventory via an RTB platform, RTB refers to the means by which ad inventory is bought and sold on a per-impression basis via a programmatic instantaneous auction, very similar to financial markets. The software also determines which sites are appropriate for the target audience based on a set of criteria, examples are:

  • Demographic
  • Topic
  • Device
  • Geographic
  • Times
  • Frequency
  • Behavioural

Clients now expect more and gauge the success of  Ad styles by the CTR% (click through rate) to a landing page versus just views and impressions, expectations are now much higher and programmatic buying can deliver click through rates that far exceed industry benchmarks.

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