YouTube is now the No. 1 Social website with more monthly views than Facebook, it has become an integral part of our every day lives’ and we love it!

From a marketing perspective, it offers so many opportunities for advertising, housing and sharing content, streaming content, optimising content and promoting your brand and most importantly; Global Reach.

Rippling are specialist’s with YouTube and have run over 80 TrueView campaigns that have continually delivered excellent results for our clients, our experience has allowed us to gain excellent insight as to how to make these campaign deliver. For the optimum result, we produce the video content for these campaigns because we know what works for YouTube and their advertising platform.

The real upside is that you can start with small budgets and progress from there, nearly all of our clients continue with this type of content delivery and then include programmatic buying as budgets increase.

Part of our core competencies at Rippling is ensuring your video content is best optimised for search and your channel is set up correctly for content display, navigation and visual impact.

So what makes us different? We produce the content with the end in mind and with hundreds of segments under our belt and loads of campaigns, we know what works.

Australian Maritime Museum Testimonial - Jackson Pellow - Brand & Marketing Manager

“The team at Rippling is a one-stop shop for creative digital media production and distribution. They’re fast, efficient, cost effective and work well to a set brief. Thanks guys for putting the museum on the map and massively boosting the content views on our YouTube channel.”


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