Translating ideas into stories and then into outstanding video content is a real craft, viewers expectations are high and it takes experience and insight to ensure the content excites the mind, visually pleases and engages them to a call-to -action.

Our team is small, although no project too big and this allows us to be very cost effective with producing digital content, you get a lot more for your budget.

Our highly experienced team can:

  • Write engaging scripts (a clever combination of story telling and marketing)
  • Direct and Film
  • Edit
  • Create amazing After Effects and Motion Graphics
  • Produce for all screen sizes

“Rippling Media is extremely dedicated to producing quality video content, they have excellent insight when it comes to content marketing and that shows in the success of their work. They do their research with our products and I really enjoy working together as a team, I strongly recommend them as a content marketing agency”.

Colin Jang, Product Marketing Manager, Kia Motors Korea

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