We have had some challenging projects, but promoting the Catholic Cemeteries and Crematorium was very interesting. We produced some key segments on what to do if a loved one dies and planning your memorial, but getting people to engage with the topic of death isn’t easy.

“Rippling Media are intuitive of the longer term vision for the brand (even one as unusual as a cemetery organisation) and have created video content that brought the brand to life in a way that was flexible for different purposes as well as meeting business objectives. They were very accommodating of all our requirements and their content distribution is a truly unique capability”.

Katrina Flynn – Marketing Consultant for Catholic Cemeteries and Crematoria

CCC wanted to increase market share with memorialising, that being when someone is cremated, the family choose a memorial at a cemetery to house the ashes. We came up with a creative campaign that has two parts, the first part is about a son that has his mums ashes in the back of his car and it gets stolen. The conclusion is about what happened next and the decision the son made to memorialise. We had a reasonable budget for distribution and used our RTB platform to advertise the first part of the story, it achieved around 250,000 views and a 4% click through rate to the website.

Part 1 – 250,000 views and a click through rate of 4%

The Conclusion – housed on a landing page.

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