We have worked with Kia Head Office in Korea for two years and produced eight segments for them, it is an extensive process from RFP to final production sign off. We have created an excellent relationship with them where they value our insight and expertise to assist them with meeting their objectives. As Kia is a significant global brand, a majority of segments accumulate views and engagement organically, sometimes they will put some spend behind it with TrueView to drive greater awareness. Check our YouTube Channel for all Kia segments.

“Rippling Media is extremely dedicated to producing quality video content, they have excellent insight when it comes to content marketing and that shows in the success of their work. They do their research with our products and I really enjoy working together as a team, I strongly recommend them as a digital marketing agency”.

Colin Jang, Assistant Manager, Kia Motors Korea


Provo Concept Car – The Provo is a concept car and launched at the Geneva Motor Show, the segment has been very successful and this type of content helps promote Kia as a leader in design and innovation.

Soul EV (Electric Vehicle) segment is an in depth look at the features, technical components and the benefits, it was shot in Seoul, which in itself was a challenge. It also demonstrates the Kia’s commitment to a more green and sustainable future.

The New Soul was launched at the 2014 Frankfurt Motor Show and has progressively built views and engagement.


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