Murray to Mountains – Tourism North East

Murray to Mountains – Tourism North East

Objective: Drive awareness of the Murray to Mountains rail trail and build a database by using a competition to drive click through and obtain the viewers details. These are extensive bike trails with stunning scenery, amazing produce, a huge selection of cafes and restaurants plus fun activities along the way.

We worked closely with Tourism North East to develop the content for the pre roll advertising, the target audience was families and couples and we used six placements: a 30 second pre roll was produced for each target and two x 15 second segments were produced for each target. The campaign was run via the Tubemogul platform, it achieved a total of 1,100,000 views and a 1.5% click through rate to the landing page, which is well above the industry benchmark.




We have worked with Kia Head Office in Korea for two years and produced eight segments for them, it is an extensive process from RFP to final production sign off. We have created an excellent relationship with them where they value our insight and expertise to assist them with meeting their objectives. As Kia is a significant global brand, a majority of segments accumulate views and engagement organically, sometimes they will put some spend behind it with TrueView to drive greater awareness. Check our YouTube Channel for all Kia segments.

“Rippling Media is extremely dedicated to producing quality video content, they have excellent insight when it comes to content marketing and that shows in the success of their work. They do their research with our products and I really enjoy working together as a team, I strongly recommend them as a digital marketing agency”.

Colin Jang, Assistant Manager, Kia Motors Korea


Provo Concept Car – The Provo is a concept car and launched at the Geneva Motor Show, the segment has been very successful and this type of content helps promote Kia as a leader in design and innovation.

Soul EV (Electric Vehicle) segment is an in depth look at the features, technical components and the benefits, it was shot in Seoul, which in itself was a challenge. It also demonstrates the Kia’s commitment to a more green and sustainable future.

The New Soul was launched at the 2014 Frankfurt Motor Show and has progressively built views and engagement.


Snow Australia

Snow Australia

Snow Australia was an initiative of the Australian Ski Areas Association, it was funded by the major tourism organisations and commercial resort operators. 
As Marketing lead, we crafted, directed and executed the strategic plans for our yearly campaigns, with a predominant focus on digital marketing. It was our responsibility to draw new and lapsed markets to the snow regions to increase visitation and participation in snow sports.

In 2012 and 2013 the campaign was content focused, our objective was to bring to life the “Snow Experience” for the first timers across our targeted categories and through a multitude of channels.

The creative was “You Never Forget Your First Time”, an experience that every skier, snowboarder or first time to the snow; never forgets.

We managed every component from the planning, creative, media buying, website development and content management, PR, social channels, community management, production of content and filming two half hour shows  for channel Nine as well as a Getaway segment. The creative and the media strategy was focused on the following audience segments: Start A Family Tradition(families), Take A Mate (friends) and Snowmance (couples) and we utilised display and video advertising, paid search, mobile and social to connect and engage with those segments.

To ensure a good flow of video content was produced, we partnered with Volvo to assist with the funding, both Snow Australia and Volvo benefited as the content was delivered to a vast audience across a multitude of screens, which included TV. We always achieved above our KPI’s and in 2013 our key KPI was booking referrals, which was 9,000 and we achieved 22,000.

“Rippling has demonstrated a breadth and depth of expertise across the entire digital landscape and their ability to strategically plan and execute has delivered outstanding results to three campaigns. Snow Australia’s campaign strategy has been very much driven by content and video has played a major role. “They have delivered a true multi screen content experience for the consumer, Rippling has been integral to Snow Australia exceeding well beyond its KPI’s and being a success”.

Colin Hackworth – CEO, Snow Australia

SA creative

We developed the website using the Komodo CMS.

SA website2

Video content was critical and we produced over 40 segments across the three seasons that provided a host of information for the first timer to the snow or a specific resort. View the YouTube Channel.

TV Shows - We produced two 30 minute shows for Channel Nine, this focused on NSW.

Getaway Segment - Rippling produced this.

Resort Segment – We produced a segment for each of the nine resorts, here is an example Perisher.

150 Years History – In 2011, Australian skiing was 150 years old and we produced a two part series to celebrate it.

Pre rolls – We created eight pre rolls for Snow Australia across three categories: Generic, Families, Friends and Couples, we produced a 15 and 30 second for each and then bought the media space via our RTB platform. This is an example of a 30 second Family pre roll.

National Maritime Museum (ANMM)

National Maritime Museum (ANMM)

We have produced a lot of content for the Australian Maritime Museum and helped build their library of key segments. We love the Maritime Museum because they understand the importance of how content sells tickets and how content needs to connect to its targeted audience through paid distribution.

“The team at Rippling is a one-stop shop for creative digital media production and distribution. They’re fast, efficient, cost effective and work well to a set brief. Thanks guys for putting the museum on the map and massively boosting the content views on our YouTube channel.”

Jackson Pellow - Brand & Marketing Manager, Australian National Maritime Museum

Projects – Exhibitions, How-To’s & Museum Insights

Going Places Exhibition

Our latest project is Going Places, an interactive technology of transport exhibition for the family, we produced a 15 and 30 second pre roll and a key short-form piece, the 30 second has been adapted slightly for TV and Cinema advertising. A comprehensive content campaign from just one shoot.

This is the 30 second segment, we used TrueView to generate click through to the website for exhibition and ticket information.

 Whales Exhibition – awareness and click through for ticket sales

Titanic Exhibition awareness and click through for ticket sales

How to Clean a Submarine – an insight as to the museum
How to Launch a Boat – a different side to the museum


Snow Victoria

Snow Victoria

Development of the “Snow Victoria” brand and campaign to represent both the commercial and government organizations promoting the snow industry in Victoria. This included complete management of the campaign: strategic planning, brand development, campaign creative, website development and content management, media planning and buying, PR, social management, content production, TV integration plus extensive stakeholder management and reporting.

The creative and the media strategy was focused on first time and lapsed families, friends and couples; we used content as a key driver and focused on story telling. We utilised display, video advertising, paid search, mobile and social, Facebook was extremely successful with a fan base of 11,500 in just 3 months.

Overall, the results have been strong and well above industry benchmarks.

“Rippling managed the marketing and communications for the 2014 Snow Victoria marketing campaign. I found the team to be very strategic and collaborative in the their results focused approach. Always, their primary objective was always to deliver the best result for the campaign and excellent customer service”.

Lorena Gibson | Marketing & Communications Officer | Alpine Resorts Co-ordinating Council


Discover the Wonders

 We built the website in WordPress in just three weeks:

SV website

We produced content both for the campaign and in-season, we created six pre rolls for, three categories: Generic, Families and Friends, we produced a 15 and 30 second for each and then bought the media space via our RTB platform.

View the YouTube Channel.

Pre rolls – We produced six pre rolls that targeted Families, Friends and Couples with 15 and 30 second ads, we bought the media via our RTB platform, this is an example of the families 30 second pre roll.

Great Season - As it was such a Big start to the season, we wanted to make sure everyone knew, so we produced some in-season content for the YouTube Channel and Instagram. We set up TrueView campaigns to promote the content.

Resort & Overview Segments – We also produced a segment on each resort that provided an overview for the first timer as well as a segment that covered all resorts, we used TrueView to promote these and always achieved a strong CTR.




Shimano is the most globally recognised fishing and bike components brand, we have worked with them for the past three years and not only produced content, but also achieved strong results with many distribution campaigns to drive awareness, engagement and click though for their content.

“I have always found Rippling to be very professional in their approach to video distribution. Their production is to a very high standard and they offer excellent analytics to back up a campaign performance, which has become a critical measure on our overall campaign success”.

Drew Dunphy - Marketing Manager, Shimano Australia Fishing

Shimano Extreme Project - This segment was an exciting creative collaboration, the brief was to combine the two key Shimano brands into one adventure video, we also put a budget behind it for a TrueView campaign.

Shimano Stella – The launch of a flagship product, the Stella fishing reel. Brief: give the information in a storytelling way that leverages Shimano’s Japanese roots, we used TrueView to drive views and engagement.

Shimano Fishing Adventure – Celebrity Jon Stevens, a fishing fanatic challenges his son Levi to land a big one while using Shimano products.

Catholic Cemeteries

Catholic Cemeteries

We have had some challenging projects, but promoting the Catholic Cemeteries and Crematorium was very interesting. We produced some key segments on what to do if a loved one dies and planning your memorial, but getting people to engage with the topic of death isn’t easy.

“Rippling Media are intuitive of the longer term vision for the brand (even one as unusual as a cemetery organisation) and have created video content that brought the brand to life in a way that was flexible for different purposes as well as meeting business objectives. They were very accommodating of all our requirements and their content distribution is a truly unique capability”.

Katrina Flynn – Marketing Consultant for Catholic Cemeteries and Crematoria

CCC wanted to increase market share with memorialising, that being when someone is cremated, the family choose a memorial at a cemetery to house the ashes. We came up with a creative campaign that has two parts, the first part is about a son that has his mums ashes in the back of his car and it gets stolen. The conclusion is about what happened next and the decision the son made to memorialise. We had a reasonable budget for distribution and used our RTB platform to advertise the first part of the story, it achieved around 250,000 views and a 4% click through rate to the website.

Part 1 – 250,000 views and a click through rate of 4%

The Conclusion – housed on a landing page.

Macquarie Graduate School – MGSM

Macquarie Graduate School – MGSM

We have worked extensively with Macquarie Graduate School of Management to produce a library of content that falls into several categories:

  • Insight into the MBA programs
  • MGSM Living case studies, this is where they partner with global brands and teams of elite MGSM students have to formulate a solution for a companies brief
  • Executive Management Programs, insight what the outcomes of these programs deliver

“The Rippling Media Team is a truly talented ensemble. They bring personality, life, ease, fun and creativity to every project. From conception to post production, they provide great service with enthusiasm. Myself and the MGSM team look forward to working with them again and again”. Megan Gibbens - Media Relations Executive, MGSM

This is a snapshot of those categories:

MBA Programs

Living Case Studies

Executive Programs

All Things Sport

All Things Sport

We love our sport and have two keen mountain bikers on the team, so when the opportunity arose to produce and create a campaign to distribute some biking segments for Trek and local Northern Beaches bike shops, we jumped at it.

We have done three of these, the first achieving over 280,000 views and a huge amount of comments and shares, we kicked started them all with a TrueView campaign and once they got rolling, it was downhill from there.

This is what we call an in-situ product review.

Trek Remedy 2013 – 140,000 views with strong engagement.

Trek Remedy 2012 – 120,000 views with strong engagement.

Trek Remedy 2011 – 280,000 views with awesome engagement.


Frontline Recruitment Retail “Hot Jobs”

Frontline Recruitment Retail “Hot Jobs”

We collaborated with Frontline, a major recruitment agency that wanted to make video work in a way that would keep them better connected with job seekers and ahead of the competition.

The end result is what we call “Hot Jobs”, twice weekly they film a segment that promotes the latest “Hot” retail jobs for the Melbourne and Sydney audience at a in-house studio we set up. We trained them how to film on a green screen, then they send to us for post production and uploading to their YouTube Channel, they then distribute to their social channels.

The concept has worked well and feedback positive.


After Effects – A Rippling Specialty

After Effects – A Rippling Specialty

We take our work very seriously and want to ensure our clients get the best end result, there is no premium charge for after effects or motion graphics.

Here is an example of what we can do.


Hunt Professional – Financial Services

Hunt Professional – Financial Services

Hunt Professional Group wanted to create some video content for their new site, so we produced an overview segment, one on the staff and one for promoting self managed super funds. We ran a TrueView campaign for the SMSF segment, the focus was on Sydney 45+, both men and women and it drew over 100 enquiries.

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